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Ladders on chain cosour

LadderModular ladders on chain косоуре are the fine decision for an interior from the point of view of a site optimality, the price-quality and ease of installation.
The main feature chain косоура unlike, let us assume, ladders on a bowstring consists that with its help to a ladder it is possible to give any angle of rotation that in certain cases is "stumbling-block" at a choice of a ladder for an interior.


Modular ladders on chain косоуре are the fine decision for your interior in respect of "lightness" of a design of a ladder since assume absence подступёнка as that.

Universality of a design

The modular ladder on chain косоуре can be rectilinear, spiral, with one or several забежными steps. Plus to all the combined variants are possible: the ladder can pass from rectilinear in screw, change a movement direction etc. All it does a ladder on chain косоуре by enough universal system.

Absence of welding works

Механосборка as the key principle of installation of modular ladders, excludes welding works and the works connected with wet processes on object.
The ladder on косоуре chain type, is established on already ready floor with the laid floor covering (a parquet, a laminate, a tile).
Ladder installation on chain косоуре occurs also after end of shtukaturno-painting works.

The Ladder on chain косоуреkosournaja ladder does not need fastening to a wall as provides - a support in a floor in several places. If nearby there is a strong, plastered wall (without gypsum cardboard use), support can be avoided, having established the console in a wall and by that having relieved an interior of superfluous details.