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Staircases on boltz

Ladder on больцахWhat is the ladders on больцах or больцевая a ladder?

In ladders on больцах there is practically nothing from traditional ladders. Steps are groundless!!!.

In a step wall are fixed on support (больцах) directly in a laying or in a bowstring. Such method of fastening will never create a scratch as there are no wooden connections. On the other hand - the ladder hangs on периле, incorporating to it through баласины (racks). Actually, here rigid connection by metal fixing elements is applied that also does not allow to creak to a ladder. As such method of fastening does not allow to be loosened in due course to a handrail! At such scheme loading is in regular intervals distributed on all ladder that improves прочностные qualities больцевой ladders. Tests for loadings of such ladder have shown that at enough transparent system it maintains to 1,8 tons.

Interesting that such ladder on больцах can be any configuration, thus without losing the properties!

On больцах it is possible to speak about ladders only from the positive point of view.

The lowered noise level - essential technical criterion for high-quality structures.
In this ladder fastening of each separately taken step on support not only optimum distributes loadings on "backbone" of a ladder and does not create loud blows, but also will amortise a step and blow (noise), thereby spares ladder "joints".

In the absence of internal designs больцевая the ladder seems easy and transparent. Light exposure of ladder space thus increases. It gives to a premise optimum volume, and is advantage in the presence of small spaces for placing of ladders. Nothing blocks a kind, does not black out and does not limit.

БольцIn addition to aesthetic and functional advantages «the invisible support» facilitates also care of a ladder on больцах. As is not available neither corners, nor niches from which it is heavy to delete a dust the ladder is simple in cleaning and leaving.

Often in ladders by an internal part of a march there are bottlenecks (steps on turns are reduced in one point) that is unsafe. Therefore our ladders have a uniform turn and by that, both with internal, and from outer side are convenient and safe at walking. This advantage is very essential at oncoming traffic on ladder steps.
The sofa or the piano, transportation of heavy and bulky subjects does not make problems thanks to extreme stability of our ladder. On it it is possible to transfer not only very heavy subjects, but also bulky things. Nothing complicates movement on a spiral (in case of a spiral ladder), any intermediate columns.