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And how to be with ladders in the street?

At building of the modern house it is almost impossible to do without a construction of an external ladder, especially if the territory adjoining to the house, has the crossed character. And the input in the house (in the presence of a porch) very often assumes presence of a ladder march (let and small) out of door the Choice of a material for building external лестни­цы can be various enough and depends on many factors, beginning from material and financial possibilities plus degree of imagination of the executor. The most simple external ladders can be executed from boards and their design features practically do not differ from интерьерных, internal wooden ladders on bowstrings and косоурах. At manufacturing of external ladders it is necessary to use the same rules and receptions, as at building of ladders for example on косоурах. A handrail is better to make of a round or square aluminium profile (fig. 3). OtYolichitelnoj feature of such ladders is под­верженность wood to rotting and fungoid заболе­ваниям. In this connection application of sheetings, and in certain cases and the device дополни­тельной is required to a waterproofing if the ladder adjoins to a ground. Anyway service life external wooden ле­стниц is limited, therefore them apply seldom. Usually it is ladders at walls, leaders on the second floor or on an attic (fig. 4). If a ladder small, it изго­тавливают from a brick laid on a solution with расшив­кой (fig. 5). Such ladder turns out beautiful and дос­таточно durable. A handrail for it can be алюми­ниевые. At its manufacturing it is necessary to choose bricks with equal, without having chopped off (cracks) edges and end faces. As a naYochalnoj stage of manufacturing of a ladder preparation of the basis from бутового a stone with thickness of a layer not less than 10-15 serves It see depends on a ground condition. If the ground bulk, the basis is better забетониро­вать (armature application is desirable). If the basis бутовое it is carefully rammed before the laying beginning. The solution prepares from sand and cement in следую­щей proportions: on three parts of sand add one part of cement of mark 400. A mix carefully mix. За­тем water with simultaneous перемешивани­ем mixes is added so that the solution has turned out сметанообразной consistences, and the mix was однород­ной. The solution is put on the basis by an equal layer толщи­ной 1—2 sm, and then bricks with a seam in 1 keep within see After the first step will be ready, необхо­димо to stack and stamp the basis of the second ступе­ни, however, to do it it is necessary so that not to damage the first step (as the solution has not had time to stiffen yet). Is better to fix the first step with помо­щью a board established lengthways подступенка and two бо­ковых of pegs, pulled together with a rope bowstring. Thus fix also the subsequent steps. Lateral seams are embroidered after there will be очи­щена from a solution a surface of bricks. To use such ladder it is possible only по­сле solution hardenings (usually 7—14 days).