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Stairs and rails.

Accessories for stairs, rails and peaks

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Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases - alternative to mid-flight ladders. From the point of view of design spiral staircases give the chance to clear up imaginations. One "BUT" - helicoid lifting of such ladders is less comfortable, than lifting on a mid-flight ladder. Spiral staircases are logical for applying at small height or in cases of small space of a premise.

Structurally spiral staircases consist of the central bearing column on which links and steps which fasten with the help распорных больцов are consistently placed.

The screw design is easy, gives the chance to carry out steps of a ladder from the most various materials: a tree, natural acryle, a stone and triplex, a step can be reinforced.

Spiral staircase Spiral staircase
Ladder screw from stainless steel
Ladder screw, steps - a tree