SyR!@N H4cKeRs Were Here


to all governments of the world, we are watching you, we can see what you're doing, we control you, we are everywhere. remember this, the people you're trying to step on, we are everyone you depend on we are the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. we make your bed. we guard you while you are sleeping . we drive the ambulances. we direct your calls. we are cooks and taxi drivers, we are averyone aou come into contact with on a dialy basis. we control every part of your life. That what you are doing your governments backing insurgents and terrorists in Syria and Goals of the so-called (FSA) and (Front victory) who are doing their part in the killing of civilians and terrorize innocent people and the ugliest atrocities in the slaughter of children, women and men, we have to compromise your site to deliver the message of the Syrian people to your governments. we are SyR!@N H4cKeRs we are legion United as one divided by zero. we do not forgive injustice, we do not forget oppression , against governments of the world at the end i will tell you, The syrian army the best in the world


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